The Queensland Labour Hire Licencing Act 2017 has been passed by the Queensland Parliament and will commence operation on 16th April 2018. Businesses covered by the licensing scheme as labour hire service providers will have 60 days from 16th April 2018 to apply for a licence.

Critical to the operation of the labour hire licensing scheme is its scope. As the Act currently stands, a large number of business-to-business services that provide labour, even as a secondary or associated function, would be covered by the scheme as a provider of labour. This would include businesses that provide care or support services to homes and other facilities. Users of such businesses’ services would also be covered by the scheme in respect of obligations to only engage licensed providers.

Ai Group has raised concerns that the scope of the scheme is far too broad and would capture businesses that are not traditionally considered labour hire service providers. The Queensland Government has developed subordinate regulations clarifying the extent of the scheme and has released consultation papers regarding the proposed regulations.

On behalf of members, Ai Group made a detailed submission to the Queensland Government urging for a greater scope of exclusions for the many business arrangements that are not labour hire but could remain covered by the licensing scheme. Members wishing further information regarding the legislation may contact Nicola Street, National Manager – Workplace Relations Policy on (02) 9466 5541 or via email at


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