The Fair Work Amendment (Abolition of 4 Yearly Reviews of Modern Awards and Other Measures) Bill 2017 was listed for debate during the August and September 2017 Parliamentary sittings but the Parliament did not have time to deal with the Bill.

The Bill would:

  • Abolish 4 yearly reviews of awards; and
  • Give the FWC more discretion to overlook minor procedural non-compliance in the enterprise agreement-making process, provided that the employees are unlikely to have been disadvantaged.

This Bill arose out a joint Ai Group, ACCI and ACTU proposal and draft Bill that was submitted to the Federal Government. Ai Group made a detailed submission on the Bill to a Senate inquiry.

The passage of the Bill through Parliament has been complicated due to a Labor proposal to amend the Bill to include provisions which would overturn the Fair Work Commission’s Penalty Rates Decision handed down in February 2017.

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