Employee surveys can provide great feedback about the current sentiment, mood and opinions of employees. Such surveys can be utilised by employers to guide their long term strategic planning or budget planning as the end of the financial year approaches.

Surveys may also assist employers to implement new workplace policies including physical and mental health policies, employee assistance policies, drug and alcohol policies, and uniform policies. They can provide a great litmus test for the responses of employees to new policies before they are implemented. Ai Group Workplace Lawyers extensively utilised employee surveys in provided evidence to the Fair Work Commission in the Penalty Rates Decision.

In carrying out surveys, employers often find the perceived sentiments of employees different to their true sentiments. For example, employers may gauge the level of concern of employees in relation to physical or mental health, the impact of changes to production, or the level of pressures outside the workplace such as family disruptions. Surveys may also allow an employer to determine which methods of drug and alcohol testing employees are aware of and whether alcohol or other drugs are causing concerns in the workplace. These topics are extremely difficult to accurately gauge without a process such as a survey.

Not all surveys need to take months to complete or be lengthy. Surveys can be quick and short, and allow employers to efficiently make informed decisions in relation to employee’s opinions before writing and implementing new policies. Short surveys may drastically change the path of policy implementation for employers, and allow for greater consultation, engagement and importantly, employee satisfaction with the changes.

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