Navigating the complex web of employer obligations in relation to wages, payroll and other employee entitlements can be difficult and time consuming. Mistakes can be costly – not only financially, but also for your business’ reputation.

Ai Group Workplace Lawyers provide workplace compliance advice and auditing services, to give advice to businesses on:

  • Which modern awards apply to the business;
  • Whether the business is compliant with the provisions of relevant awards;
  • Whether the business is complying with any enterprise agreements which apply;
  • Whether the business is compliant with pay record and pay slip requirements in the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Fair Work Regulations 2009;
  • Whether employees have been underpaid as a result of non-compliance, and if so, how to rectify the underpayment;
  • Whether the business’ arrangements comply with the Code of Practice for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016;
  • Responding to the Fair Work Ombudsman in relation to investigations and enforceable undertakings;
  • Responding the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) investigations and audits in relation to employee entitlements and Code compliance;
  • Responding to the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave Funding) Corporation and section 52A notices; and
  • Responding to Notices to Produce from the Courts and the Fair Work Commission.
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