Katie Hossain


An outstanding legal practitioner skilled in navigating complex claims and disputes, Katie has more than 10 years of experience as an employment relations consultant.

She has a thorough understanding of the Fair Work Act, cultivated during a former role within the Fair Work Commission and extensive in-house consulting experience.

Katie combines her first-hand exposure to the decision-making process with a high proficiency at reviewing enterprise agreements, interpreting awards and the Better Off Overall Test.

An excellent communicator, she provides seamless service by clarifying timeframes, providing regular updates and committing to deadlines.

Ai Group members value her as a patient listener who can be relied on to respond to urgent matters promptly.

Katie has extensive stakeholder engagement experience from working in-house and through co-delivering Ai Group’s highly successful HR Fundamentals series.

She is highly adept at tailoring recommendations to match the audience — from the legal team and HR to business partners and employees.