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Casual and Part-Time Employment Case

Over the past two years, Ai Group has been representing employers’ interests in the Casual and Part-Time Employment case as part of the Fair Work Commission’s four-yearly review of modern awards. In the case, the ACTU was seeking an absolute right for casual employees to convert to permanent employment after six months of regular work. The ACTU also sought an increased minimum engagement period for casual employees of four hours work per engagement for all awards.

 Ai Group played a leading role in opposing the ACTU’s claim and was successful with most of the ACTU’s claims being rejected by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission. However, the Fair Work Commission has decided to extend the casual conversion entitlements which feature in most modern awards to those awards that do not currently have casual conversion clauses. This includes the SCHADS Award.

The Fair Work Commission has published a model clause for inclusion in the modern awards that currently do not have a casual conversion clause. Ai Group has made submissions to the Fair Work Commission regarding the proposed model clause and will continue to update members on the outcome of the Casual and Part-Time Employment case.

Published - 08/02/18



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