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It is increasingly common for businesses to face complaints from employees of discrimination, harassment or bullying. These complaints can have a serious impact on a business: increased risk of legal action, damage to business brand and reputation and reduced staff morale.

Ai Group Workplace Lawyers has extensive experience in advising employers on these matters and conducting workplace investigations. Our investigations are timely, confidential and underpinned by relevant legal knowledge and principles. We approach matters with sensitivity and integrity. We also conduct investigations for the purpose of providing legal advice, giving your business the opportunity to claim legal professional privilege.

In addition, our team provides expert advice and representation in relevant courts and tribunals for claims of discrimination and bullying. We understand how legal obligations can be enforced and what steps an employer can take to minimise liability and resolve an issue. Our expertise in EEO, bullying and discrimination law includes:

  • Compliance with relevant anti-discrimination and anti-bullying legislation;
  • Advising on legal risks associated with employee complaints and devising risk management plans;
  • Conducting thorough investigations into complaints of inappropriate or potentially unlawful behaviour in the workplace;
  • Devising effective conflict resolution strategies;
  • Mediation services delivered by Ai Group’s accredited professionals;
  • Representation in the Fair Work Commission’s anti-bullying jurisdiction; and
  • Representation in tribunals and courts including the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Australian Human Rights Commission and the Federal Court.

Our specialised team has been engaged by Australia’s leading employers to investigate and advise on serious and sensitive cases of workplace behaviour from junior staff to management and executives.


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