She thrives on the teamwork at Ai Group Workplace Lawyers, rides a motorbike and is a qualified fitness instructor. Meet new lawyer Anna Faili.

When did you start?   

November 2021  


Lawyer at Ai Group Workplace Lawyers  

What attracted you to Ai Group?   

I love practising employment law, as it is all about people. You’re not just dealing with things or subjects. You are navigating the complex relationships between employers and employees, and in doing so you can have an immediate and positive impact on your client’s lives.   

 When I reached out to those who are now my colleagues at Ai Group, they had only great things to say. I realised that my goals and values directly align with this organisation and that Ai Group is committed to creating a culture that empowers its employees.  

 It was also important to me to work in a collaborative, supportive environment where I could develop my skills and learn from experts.  

 After the interview, I got great vibes and I really wanted to join.   

How  is  it going  so far?  

I love it here. It is more of a collaborative environment in comparison to private practice. There is a lot of teamwork involved and the people are more relaxed.   

I have no hesitation in calling a colleague on Teams and having detailed conversation about a matter.  People are genuine in their personality, as well as their work.   

How do you hope to develop professionally at Ai Group?    

I want to become an expert in this field and hopefully become one of our principal lawyers in the future. I see a long-term career with the Ai Group.  

And when  you’re  not working?   

I love working out: boxing, Pilates and going to the gym. I’m actually a qualified fitness instructor. I ride a motorcycle, and we tend to go camping on most weekends. I have a dog; we love going on long walks and exploring the neighbourhood. I also love catching up with family and friends.  

What would you say to a  fellow lawyer considering working at Ai Group?  

Ai Group is the best way to go!   

Ai Group is so specialised and does things in a different way to a traditional law firm. We actually sit down with our members, learn about their business and their needs – rather than hit the clock on a per-minute basis. Our members really value that, as we essentially become a part of their business. 

Put simply, here our colleagues focus on giving practical solutions that are beneficial to members. It’s not all about billings.   

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