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At Ai Group Workplace Lawyers, we specialise in providing services to solve the complex legal problems that can arise at all levels within a workplace. With offices in the major centres of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the regional hubs of Newcastle, Wollongong, Albury and Ballarat, our extensive team of more than 30 workplace law experts is well equipped to respond to any employment or industrial law, workplace health and safety or compensation law issues that may confront employers.

Backed by Ai Group and its far-reaching involvement in industry and workplace law reform, we can draw on a unique breadth of experience across the full range of workplace issues that affect your business on a daily basis – regardless of the size of your business.

We know that resolving a workplace problem may go beyond our answer to your legal question. We help employers find and implement sustainable solutions to their workplace problems based on industry knowledge and commercial objectives, as well as our legal expertise.

Our practical, commercial and no nonsense approach has seen us become strategic partners in developing workplace solutions for employers of all sizes including many major national and multinational corporations in manufacturing, technology, on-hire, construction and energy, transport and airlines.

We understand your business, and deliver realistic and practical solutions.


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