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Our Approach



Our Approach

At Ai Group Workplace Lawyers we understand that legal issues can be very stressful and distracting, and we make it our business to leave you free to focus on your business. We offer an extensive national team that is highly skilled, focussed on solutions and easy to work with. Given the breadth of the specialised team at Ai Group Workplace Lawyers, which includes more than 50 lawyers and workplace specialists, we are always accessible to respond to the issues that unexpectedly confront your business.

Instead of encountering the classic ‘pyramid structure’ favoured by most other legal practices, you will principally be assisted by a single specialist who will become familiar with your case and your business. This also means that there is greater control on costs, but not at the expense of outcomes –our extensive team can always be utilised if and when the need arises, and in consultation with you.

Through operating a specialised practice, we know that the workplace issues confronting your business today might have a root cause elsewhere. As such, we regularly draw on the expertise of the broader Ai Group network to find and implement long-lasting solutions to your workplace problems, even when your legal issues have been dealt with.


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